This upgrade page is only for registered VSDSX version 1.x owners

If you do not own a VSDSX 1.0 license use the general VSDSX 2.0 page

V2.0 upgrade

New features, refined engine, Cross-Platform and 64bit

Since 2019 everything I am putting out is available in native 64bit for Mac and PC.
VSDSX version 2 is now available for € 50 EUR, still cheap IMO for what you get...

As a VSDSX version 1 owner you got € 15 EUR off! which was the minimum amount of donation for VSDSX v1. back in the early days (2014)
It means that you can upgrade for € 35 EUR

Thanks for your support!


VSDSX 2.0 New Features are listed on the main product page

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VSDSX 2.0 comes with both PC & Mac Installers.