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Home of Truly musical Synths and Effects!

As a multi-instrumentalist musician and engineer with a passion for understanding and mastering various instruments and techniques, Aly James has been making music since the 90s. In the mid 2000s, he developed an interest in electronics and music DSP, leading him to produce many ground-breaking plug-ins. In 2014, he founded Aly James Lab to share his unique software instruments with the music community
Through careful design and a musician-centric approach, these plug-ins offer accuracy, depth, and a vintage-meets-modern workflow. Aly James personally records demos of the plug-ins to showcase their capabilities and inspire creativity. Unlike many companies, Aly James Lab relies on word of mouth and avoids PR in order to maintain a focus on originality and creativity. So if you're looking for something beyond corporate marketing and preset packs, join the growing Aly James Lab community and discover the fun and potential of limited gear and a "less is more" approach to music-making.


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